Auditing and Business Advisory Services

  • Audits, review and compilations of historical financial statements
  • Financial statements audit analysis
  • Final statements audit analysis
  • Audit and file of company-tax-return
  • Special project audit
  • Corporate internal control and management implementation
  • Assurances as to compliance with regulatory requirements or other criteria
  • Royalty and contractual compliance services

Tax Services

  • Personal and business tax planning
  • Tax reduction applications
  • Proxy of administrative remedy
  • Tax controversy
  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Employee benefits
  • International Taxation
  • International assignment services
  • Property tax
  • Tax basis/Earnings and Profits studies
  • Tax management support services
  • Evaluating alternative tax structures
  • Specific transaction tax strategies
  • Regulatory compliance

Corporate Investment and Business Registration Services

  • Investment and business registration services
  • Foreign and overseas Chinese Investment application and business registration
  • Foreign company registration
  • Corporate restructurings and reorganization procedures
  • Business termination, dissolution, and liquidation advisory services
  • Business, factory license registration and amendment
  • Special permitted business application
  • Recapitalization audit establishment
  • Stock printing and endorsement services
  • Work permit services

Stock PO, OTC, and Listing Services

  • IPO, OTC and listings planning advisory services
  • Internal control views
  • Business registration and documentation preparation
  • Underwriting consultation
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Feasibility studies

Management Solutions and Services

  • Accounting system establishment
  • Internal controls, operating procedures, and accounting systems design
  • Financial projections and budgets
  • Contract finance and accounting services
  • Payroll services.
  • Special project consulting services
  • Planning and implementation of reorganization, merge and acquisition
  • Generation devolution, investment evaluation and business assessment supervising services
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategic consulting

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